New Horizon Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle

Even with this tumultuous year, we are working hard to build a school and community center that our students will call home – a space that will serve generations to come, including our grandchildren. When we built the Upper School Campus, we immediately created an Endowment Fund. As one of the few Muslim Institutions with an Endowment Fund in place, we are working to secure New Horizon’s bright future 100 years from now.

With our devoted community in mind, we have just launched our Planned Giving program. New Horizon’s Legacy Circle is inspired by Sadaqah Jariyah; a form of giving that continues to benefit others beyond our lifetime. This program was established to secure financial support for New Horizon’s long-term goals and recognize individuals who have made provisions for New Horizon School, Irvine in their will and estate plan.

If you have interest in the program please download the Legacy Circle Brochure

For more information in the program or to submit your Legacy Circle Letter of Intent contact