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Academic Experience by New Horizon Islamic School

New Horizon has a holistic approach which balances a rigorous curriculum and a nurturing of students’ creative talents and social skills in order to foster an American Muslim identity.

New Horizon Education

We provide a robust curriculum for our students which fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.



The New Horizon Preschool Program values and institutes a play-based learning model for preschool-aged students.

On any given day, preschool students have the opportunity to experience a curriculum that follows the natural developmental continuum and simultaneously embraces a cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical balance.



New Horizon utilizes nationally adopted curriculum and textbooks as a guideline for instruction in the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.


Middle School

The combination of a rigorous academic and enriching religious studies program provides the necessary foundations for raising successful and conscientious American Muslim citizens.

New Horizon offers middle school students a variety of electives to enrich their knowledge in preparation for high school. Students have the opportunity to develop sportsmanship and teamwork through collaborating and competing with others in our sports league.

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