New Horizon Legacy Circle

New Horizon Together.

Their future. Your legacy.

New Horizon Together is the concluding campaign for the Upper School Campus & Community Center Project. Our board of trustees, faculty & staff, enrolled families and founding community have led the path to our new campus project. As we continue to navigate the impacts of the pandemic, we are also committed to securing an unencumbered future for New Horizon.

During phase one of our Capital Campaign we were able to secure over 20 million dollars for our Upper School Campus & Community Center project. While it was under the benchmark of the campaign goal, we charged forward with the Grace of God and the support of our community to embark on the project. After 10-years of fundraising for this important project, we will be ending the campaign in 2021-2022. Our matching program end date has been extended, and we have the opportunity to match 2 million more dollars to help support our Endowment Fund.

To be part of this historic milestone, or if you would like to receive additional information, please contact