Farida wants YOU to join us!


img_1343You may have noticed Farida at last week’s Movie Night. Farida and her friends organized themselves to raise funds for New Horizon Irvine. She made a donation box and a donation poster and brought her creations to Head of School, Dina Eletreby. “If parents can do it, kids can do it too.” She said, “we need to do our part.” 

And it was that simple. Farida asked for a table to set up her station at Movie Night with a mission to encourage others to give. Friends, Yusuf and Shada, contributed handmade origami creations to entice donors and they raised $91. Farida’s poster read, “to support our dream school.”

New Horizon applauds Farida and her friends with their show of creativity, initiative, generosity, and vision. We hope that Farida’s actions move you to follow her example.

As we approach the last day of our Annual Fund Campaign, “Get it Done in 31!” we hope that you will hear Farida’s message and join our efforts toward 100% parent participation. Like Farida, our staff, NHPA, and Board of Trustees have all done their part by achieving 100% participation in the Annual Fund. Now, we look to our parents to complete the effort.

The funds raised through the Annual Fund directly impact New Horizon students. As you know, tuition does not cover the total per-student education cost. Every year, the contributions garnered through the Annual Fund help fill this gap and ensure that your children continue to receive a well-rounded moral and academic education. From educational field trips, the smallest class sizes in OC, staff training and retention, and emergency preparedness, your Annual Fund dollars go a very long way.

We are so proud of Farida and proud of last year’s 90% parent participation rate. We ask that you follow Farida and support again. Help us achieve 100% parent participation (by Oct. 31!) and ensure an excellent educational experience for your children.

You can give online now by visiting: http://newhorizonirvine.org/support-us/donate-now/

This video was created using footage from the Snapchat story from last week’s Movie Night. Click below to watch Farida, Yusuf and Shada in action:

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