Alumni Spotlight: Amin Gosla, Class of 2006 & Asiya Gosla, Class of 2008


Our alumni are the heart of our school because they carry with them the firm foundation of a New Horizon Irvine education in all that they do. It is always a privilege to receive alumni updates and news, Dr. Dina Eletreby was overjoyed when two New Horizon alums reached out to her specifically to share that they’ve been accepted into medical school! It is so heartwarming to know that our alumni remember us long after they graduate, and still feel a close bond to Dr. Eletreby that they would want to personally reach out and share their accomplishments. This is just another demonstration of the lasting impact of our unique program as well as the life-long bond we have with our alumni.

Amin Gosla, New Horizon Class of 2006

“New Horizon is the first place that taught me to explain my faith to others, which is important when meeting with diverse individuals.” Amin Gosla, a first-year medical school student, and a member of the Class of 2006 at New Horizon School, Irvine.

Amin recently graduated in 2016 from University of California Irvine (UCI) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. He was acknowledged in publication for his research project that aimed to predict the effect of novel cancer drugs on heart muscle using machine learning. Amin also worked at Hitachi Chemical America as a Research Assistant developing biosensor electrodes. Amin served as the leader on a startup project centered around the goal of optically monitoring chemotherapy. The team received several awards in both research and business. He is currently studying Osteopathic Medicine at Des Moines University (DMU) College of Medicine where he is on the board of the Muslim Student Association. Amin recalls Islamic Studies as the most important subject he learned as a student at New Horizon.

When asked about what his favorite memory of New Horizon is, he says playing soccer and basketball with his friends. “Put the effort in to give yourself a strong foundation and have some fun!

Asiya Gosla, New Horizon Class of 2008

“New Horizon taught me to always stay true to my values and be proud of my background.” said Asiya Gosla a first-year medical student at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Asiya recently graduated in 2016 from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s in Public Health Sciences. During her time at UC Irvine, Asiya volunteered at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). After graduation, she continued her work in the healthcare field by interning at Dr. Hamilton’s office in Irvine.

Asiya states that her time at New Horizon is filled with great memories. Some of her favorite memories include the Catalina Island trip and the afterschool photography and writing class.

When asked about advice Asiya would give to current students, she says to enjoy your time at New Horizon because it is a family that you will always have. “The most important thing New Horizon taught me is to be proud of who I am and to put my best effort into everything I do.”

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