Tuition Adjustment Program

 New Horizon Irvine is committed to making education as financially accessible as possible.

An independent school education is an important investment in your child’s future. Because we know that financing tuition can be challenging, New Horizon Irvine is committed to making education as financially accessible as possible. New Horizon has been offering a Tuition Adjustment Program for its families and has awarded over $2.5M in awards since it opened its doors in 2001. On an annual basis, New Horizon allocates 13-15% of total operational revenue towards the Tuition Adjustment Program.

Tuition Adjustment awards range from 10% to 75% reduction in Annual Tuition and take into consideration multiple factors including household income, number of dependents, debt, and number of students enrolled, as well as special circumstances. The Tuition Adjustment Program covers tuition only, and not application and registration fees. Funds are limited and distributed until fully dispersed. All applications and their contents are strictly confidential and maintained only by the Business Office.

Admissions and the Tuition Adjustment process are separate. Admissions decisions are made independent of eligibility, therefore a student must first apply for admission and be accepted before being considered for the Tuition Adjustment Program. Tuition Adjustment is available for qualified full-time applicants only.

Currently enrolled families should apply for tuition adjustment before the deadline published each year as part of the re-enrollment communications. This deadline is usually in December for the school year beginning the following fall. New families wishing to apply for Tuition Adjustment should do so after their student has been accepted to the School. Tuition Adjustment is not available to families with students enrolled exclusively in the preschool program.In order to apply, click on the following link and provide all the necessary forms:

Once all application materials have been received, you will be notified that your application packet is complete, and an award decision will be communicated to you in approximately 4-6 weeks. If you have further questions, feel free to call or contact:


Adeel Ahmed, CFO