Technology is integrated into the classroom on a daily basis. Interactive whiteboards allow for teachers to engage students in meaningful, hands-on, and visually stimulating learning activities. Students visit the computer lab to develop research skills as well as take computer-based assessments. Grades kindergarten through second have classroom computers for student use during small group rotations. In grades third through sixth, academic skills are enhanced with the use of technology. In third and fourth grade classrooms, Apple iPads allow for students to work collaboratively on skills and projects under the supervision of their instructors. In fifth and sixth grades, a 1-to-1 MacBook Program was launched where every student has his or her own laptop to use in daily lessons. Web 2.0 tools and social media, such as video conferencing and blogging, are used to engage students in creativity and collaboration as well as to reach a global community of learners in a safe and structured environment.