Special Programs

New Horizon encourages learning outside of the core subject areas and offers students instruction in music, physical education, and art. In addition to cross-curricular piano and musical productions, traditional Orff instruments are used in music class. This learning approach utilizes songs, chants, rhymes, stores, games and dances from many cultures and time periods as a doorway to introduce the conceptual world of form, pitch, phrase, tempo, rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, tone color, orchestration, and movement quality. Mental and physical health is an integral part of our physical education curriculum. This activity-based class emphasizes having fun and challenging oneself in order to build body awareness, physical fitness, and self-esteem. Students of all skill levels participate in games and are taught the importance of sportsmanship and working together. In art, students develop a historical understanding as they explore art history and culture through the prism of artistic pieces. Students also practice their reading and writing skills while learning information about artists, artistic concepts, and history.

  1. Music and Performing Arts
    During music instruction, students practice their critical thinking and problem solving skills as they learn to read, repeat, and create simple rhythmic patterns. Using a tiered approach, students are exposed at each level with more challenging choral songs and musical note reading, culminating with students being able to read and perform using traditional band instruments.
  2. Visual Arts
    The art program allows students to explore art history and culture through the prism of artistic pieces. Throughout the year, students focus on the elements of art such as lines, shapes, colors, value, form, space, and texture, as well as the principles of art such as rhythm, balance, movement, harmony, variety, emphasis and unity. Since Islamic art also utilizes these components, this helps students build a bridge to Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy.
  3. Physical Education
    In the physical education program, students work to develop gross motor skills and learn to work cooperatively with others. Fundamental skills such as dribbling, bouncing a ball and jump roping are practiced at the lower grade levels, while the upper grades work on playing team sports. Students are also challenged to take responsibility for their health by exercising and making wise food choices.
  4. Electives
    New Horizon students also have the opportunity to explore personal interests and develop social skills through a wide range of optional after – school enrichment courses including chess, soccer, dance, taekwondo, and much more!