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Support New Horizon’s Response to Covid-19

New Horizon School, Irvine has been a beacon of light for our community in these unprecedented times. From our beginnings in 2001 to our upcoming 20-year anniversary, New Horizon continues to be a constant in the lives of its constituents as our community perseveres through challenges.

Our world changed in March 2020, and, like so many, New Horizon faced immediate physical closure of its campuses and community center in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire New Horizon team worked passionately to create a safe and structured remote learning environment for our students and provided our community members with virtual programs. In support of our families, New Horizon committed nearly $1.7M in Tuition Adjustments. As the 2020-21 school year approached, over $200,000 was spent in COVID-related expenses to provide families with the flexibility of a robust in-person and remote learning program. These financial commitments were made despite the fact that New Horizon struggled with the cancelation of its traditional fundraising events including the Spring Gala.

$200,000 Total in Covid-related Expenses

$127, 000 –     Disinfecting and Sanitizing Measures

  • Campus-wide fogging three times a week
  • Double the rotation of janitorial services
  • Installation of sanitization stations, washing centers and touchless drinking fountains.

$36,000 –     Physical Distancing Measures

  • Tent rentals for outdoor educational and safe group activities
  • Repurposing Adaya Hall to host two additional classrooms
  • Additional furnishings such as individual desks and plexiglass protectors

$27,600 –     Additional Technology and Equipment

  • Laptops for each faculty member to avoid shared devices and allow for remote access
  • Cameras, OWL devices, tripods, and connectivity in every classroom (1st through 8th grades)
  • Zoom subscriptions and other remote learning platforms to facilitate a robust in-person and remote learning program.

$10,000 –     Personal Protective Equipment and Health/Safety Measures

  • Distance thermometers, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers throughout both campuses
  • Specialized face shields to show faculty members’ face for socio-emotional growth and well-being of students
  • Regular and intermittent asymptomatic testing of all faculty and staff

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