Religious Studies

New Horizon believes that the essence of learning lies in educating not only the mind, but also the body, and the spirit. Planting the seeds of morality and ethics through the understanding and application of our faith creates a unique Islamic environment that caters towards a holistic and pragmatic way to teach religion.

Through the students’ study of Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic, coinciding with our Positive Discipline and the 7 Habits of Success programs, New Horizon Irvine has cultivated a one-of-a-kind Islamic environment that places special emphasis on helping our students develop their American Muslim identity.

The school utilizes the best practices in Arabic and Qur’anic instruction by teaching through the highly regarded Nuraniyah method of foreign language instruction. This method helps students deconstruct letters and words, thus giving students an invaluable resource that aids them in reading the Quran as well as Arabic. Additionally, as a grade level benchmark, all students must memorize the 30th part of the Quran (Juz ‘Amma) by their 8th grade graduation.

Islamic Studies curriculum in the lower school engages students by helping them understand their faith-based beliefs, while the upper school curriculum is the transference of that faith-based knowledge into action.  For the upper school in particular, this is done through a Project Based Learning model (PBL) which is an especially effective method that engages the students to think more conceptually by incorporating a world view while looking at faith.

New Horizon cultivates conscientious and mindful students who are academically and spiritually prepared to respond to all 21st challenges that await them.