New Horizon’s Preschool Program values and institutes a play-based learning model for preschool-aged students. Supported by research, New Horizon has adopted a developmental preschool model as the most effective in fostering long-term academic achievement and a lifelong love of learning. On any given day, preschool students have the opportunity to experience a curriculum that follows the natural developmental continuum and simultaneously embraces a cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical balance. Students are expected to support and care for one another while participating in engaging activities designed to develop problem-solving skills, enhance communication through listening and speaking, and build imagination through play.

Preschool Curriculum

New Horizon offers preschool students a 45-minute daily Arabic immersion experience. Through interactive and guided-instruction, the Arabic program enriches students’ ability to acquire vocabulary and demonstrate age-appropriate comprehension skills. Students are taught to memorize and recite short verses from the Quran. The Islamic Studies curriculum focuses on instilling love for God, His Prophets and Messengers, and other people of faith.

The basis for future academic success in language arts, preschoolers are in a communication and imagination-rich environment throughout the day supporting expressive and receptive language skills. Preschoolers begin to learn the symbol to sound correlations through the Zoo Phonics program, an interactive and kinesthetic language program. The phonological awareness activities – such as segmentation of sounds in words and recognition of word rhymes and alliteration – are the building blocks necessary for students’ future literacy.

The Preschool Program also provides a strong foundation in the area of spatial and mathematical reasoning by using a curriculum which integrates number sense knowledge with mathematical operations. Through the use of manipulatives and mathematical games, young learners develop an increasing ability to represent quantities and complete simple addition and subtraction while demonstrating an increasing ability to compare, match, and sort objects into groups according to common attributes. 

The visual arts and science curricula are designed to nurture the natural creativity and curiosity of preschoolers while engaging them in exploration.  Students perform ‘experiments’ while observing, manipulating, and predicting. 

Self and social skills are taught explicitly and implicitly throughout the day. The program focuses on teaching the universal values of respect, responsibility, generosity, commitment, fairness, and justice using methods and strategies that are well aligned with the school’s Positive Discipline culture. The overall objective is to inspire preschoolers to become well-rounded, ethical, and moral human beings.