Honors & Testimonials

  • 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
  • Nationally recognized The Leader in Me Lighthouse School
  • 2017 ESPN Sports Humanitarian Award for Girl Power: Muslim Women in Sports
  • 2016 & 2017 Parenting OC Magazine’s Top 25 Teachers of Orange County!
  • 19 Hassan Hathout Legacy Foundation Winners
  • 2015 National 9/11 Day Grant Winner
  • Based upon a recent matriculation survey, 2 out of 3 New Horizon graduates enroll in GATE/Honors classes in their middle school and beyond.  75% of graduates report grade point averages between 3.5-4.0+ and 25% report between 3.0-3.4.
  • Did you know that 58% of New Horizon Irvine students score in the top 5% in reading and math on standardized assessments.
  • New Horizon’s Class of 2011Graduates were chosen by The Advanced Math and Science Program (AMSP) offered at Pacific Technology School. The AMSP nominates 24 students from grades 6th-8th to participate in this challenging program to compete in regional and state competitions. We’re proud to announce that 5 out of 24 are New Horizon alumni!
  • Out of 750 sixth grade students and 71 teams who participated in the 2012 Orange County Pentathlon, New Horizon was awarded 4th place overall in the competition! For more information about this honor, please read this article: New Horizon Students Excel at OC Pentathlon.
  • New Horizon was awarded with 52 medals during the 2014 Pentathlon! New Horizon students received 45 individual awards, 4 overall individual, and 3 team Super Quiz awards for a total of 52 medals!
  • New Horizon sent two teams to the 2015 Orange County Pentathlon, the Hawks and the Scholars, competed with public and private schools across Orange County in a 5-part academic competition. The two teams won 2nd and 5th places in the Overall Team Award. In addition, both teams won 3rd and 6th places, respectively, in the Super Quiz Oral Round. Alhamdulillah, along with the team awards, every member of the sixth grade class received individual medal recognition, totaling 45 individual medals!  Their magnificent performance earned seven 6th graders the Overall Individual Award for winning medals in multiple subjects. In total, the New Horizon teams won 56 medals!

New Horizon has been part of our life. Truly more than a family to us. The school educated my kids and raised them with Islamic values. It catered to their talent and needs and helped me every step of the way. It didn't stop there, I'm a better mom because of the school as well. Taking the parenting classes that the school offered and the clear communication between home and school made me understand my children needs. The product of New Horizon is proud, loving, American Muslims, resilient to face life.

Noma Al-Amiri

Excellent school, my preschoolers love going to school. They are learning valuable social skills as well as academic ones. Teachers are very passionate about what they do. Would definitely recommend it.”

Mohammed Mohsen

New Horizon School provides a high level of academics in a loving and nurturing Islamic environment. I am grateful that my three children had the opportunity to attend this amazing school and have continued to excel in the years beyond. New Horizon School, Irvine is truly a special place!

Iman Ozgur

I'm a proud mom of two New Horizon students and one alum. There is no other school I would send my children to. New Horizon is more than just a school, it's a place where leaders are made. We are truly blessed to have an opportunity to have our children at such an institution.

Asma Saad Kelani

The school is simply a wish come true in terms of giving the very best to our children. To hear them make duas, write in Arabic, read Quran, solve Math problems on their own, and speak confidently using big words at a young age makes us want to give more to see more. In addition, just seeing how the kids get so excited about their artwork and sports achievements makes us proud!

The Elatrozy Family

New Horizon Irvine is not just a school, it is an experience. Students do not only learn in the classroom, they live the education every day and everywhere. Both of our children graduated with a strong sense of pride of their American Muslim identity and developed lifelong friendships that continue until today as they currently attend college. New Horizon Irvine is more than an elementary school to my family, it is a home away from home where we go back to year after year for alumni and social events, to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. I will always feel indebted to the school for developing my children to be the community leaders they are today. We are honored to be part of the New Horizon family.

Mr. Ashraf Abdelaaty and Mrs. Shymaa Abdelaaty

New Horizon Irvine is a school we would have loved to have attended when we were children. Our family has experienced several schools in the US and abroad and not one comes close in the level of dedication and caring we see in the teachers and staff here.

Mr. Amine Nebri and Dr. Fazeela Ferouz

New Horizon Irvine provides my kids with something that a weekend school on its own can never replace. An American Muslim identity is not something that you ‘learn’ at a class it's in fact a style of life that grows with you and this is exactly what New Horizon nurtures. It's the ongoing process of creating this proud and balanced identity that is part of their school day. This is why we believe that New Horizon is a necessity in our family's life since it is not only an Islamic school, it is a lifestyle and the foundation of a whole emerging identity.

Dr. Asad Abu-Tarif and Mrs. Raghad Atari

I am so happy that I chose New Horizon for my children. It provides a perfect balance of Islamic values and having an American Muslim identity. The school builds leadership skills in its students and listens to parents’ feedback. The teachers and staff are very professional and go out of their way to make sure children experience success. Class sizes are small and students are given the regular curriculum as public schools, but they also have music, art, P.E. as well as Arabic and Religious Studies. The staff and students are diverse and come from a variety of backgrounds. I’m so glad we chose this school. It offers much more than the local public schools.

Anonymous Parent Email

Alhamdullilah and all praise to Allah. If I say this a million times, that will not be enough. I am so proud and thankful to Allah that He blessed me and my family to become a part of New Horizon. Last night when we were having dinner, we were talking about how much time we are investing to earn money and spend money. This discussion become more interesting when our youngest daughter, who attends New Horizon, brought her scholarly thought. She mentioned Surah Al-Adiyat and the discussion which happened in her class. We were so amazed to hear her! I am really happy to say that I am investing a little that will be of worth for generations to generations. I greatly appreciate all the teachers and their hard work to make a difference in a child’s life.

Anonymous Parent Email

New Horizon’s worth is incalculable- it is much more than an elementary school. It is the basis for a strong American Muslim community, one that has made me proud to be a Muslim in today’s America. It has instilled in me and in so many others the importance of standing up in one’s beliefs and continually striving to excel in every undertaking. May Allah continue to bless New Horizon Irvine.

Hana Elhassan, Class of 2008

The knowledge I gained from attending New Horizon has helped me become more confident in my American Muslim identity today. It provided me with a strong foundation of Islamic knowledge and a network of Muslim friends that I can fully relate to.

Maryam Khan, Class of 2008

New Horizon has taught me about what it means to be a Muslim in America and to be proud of my religion, while also teaching me about many subjects through their amazing programs. I have also grown to love the great sense of community and compassion that there is at the school.

Omar Ozgur, Class of 2008

New Horizon Irvine is pretty much my childhood. Without New Horizon Irvine, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. New Horizon Irvine has taught me to find my Muslim identity while still balancing out my daily life living in America.

Yumna Khan, Class of 2005

New Horizon Preschool has done a great job in helping… develop wonderful empathetic children that think with their hearts [so] when they come to Kindergarten, they are ready and willing to work with one another in class. It is exciting for me as a teacher to have children come into a classroom with the excitement to help one another, compliment another classmate or even to go and help someone because they notice someone needs help!!!

Anonymous Testimonial, Submitted by a teacher to greatschools.org

As the School Readiness Coordinator, I have the pleasure of visiting many preschools within the City of Irvine. The director, Hanaa, reached out to our program for services and staff development. I had the honor of working with her staff and today had the pleasure of observing one of the preschool classes. Upon entering the room, I saw all of the teachers and co-teachers interacting with the children at their level and asking questions to expand language and thinking. Behavior was maintained by the teacher simply engaging with her students and helping students problem solve. The learning buzz in the room was evident and everyone, teachers and students, were engaged and well adjusted. Transitions were seamless and everyone knew what to do. I was extremely impressed by the quality of learning in the classrooms. What a wonderful place to be!

Sandy Avzaradel, School Readiness Coordinator, Irvine Unified School District

As a speech/language pathologist, I have had the opportunity to observe in various preschool classrooms in the city of Irvine.  I was extremely impressed with New Horizons Preschools teaching staff with their hands-on approach to instruction.  Not only is the facility impressive, everyone from the director to the teachers, are nurturing and encourage problem-solving and language skills that are unmatched.

Lori Wallace, M.A. CCC-SLP, Speech/Language Pathologist

Thank you for inviting me to your school to talk to your teachers about the importance of Social Skills and Emotional Regulation for kindergarten readiness. I was so encouraged to discover this is a topic your teachers are already aware of and more importantly that they are currently implementing positive practices in their classrooms to support children in their social/emotional growth and development. With this strong foundation being provided to your preschoolers at New Horizon, you are paving the way for their increased success both socially and academically. Your teachers were delightful to work with. I found them open and enthusiastic toward learning new information and in sharing practices they are using. I enjoyed the passion, caring and commitment they showed toward their students.

Mrs. Hayley Goldberg, Parent Coordinator and Early Learning Specialist, Irvine Unified School District

Sometimes words aren’t very clear when it comes to gratitude, but I do want to share that you and the school that you have created has inspired and touched me. You have invited me to go exploring and to think deeply about the work I do and how it applies situations that cross language and cultural differences. As part of that I’ve been reading and listening to things about Islam, and in particular American Islam. I have been touched and moved by my new learnings.

Dr. Jody McVittie, co-author of the Positive Discipline Workbook and Bridges: Building Relationships for Improved Discipline, Academic Gains, and Effective Schools
Dr. Jody Mccvite

First I must say that I meant it when I said, ‘I just love this school’. It was such a pleasure to visit classrooms where the children are so happy and so engaged in learning… I noticed how skilled the students were at using “I” statements. Of course the reason is obvious: I had to ask where you found so many great teachers. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to any parent and would want my own grandchildren to attend if they lived close enough.

Dr. Jane Nelson, Author of Positive Discipline
Dr. Jane Nelson