Alumni Spotlight: Zayd Ezzeldine, New Horizon Class of 2014

Congratulations to Zayd Ezzeldine, New Horizon Class of 2014 for attending the prestigious Dodge College of Film & Media Arts school at Chapman University. He is currently studying Film Production with an Emphasis in Cinematography, and will graduate in 2024, inshallah. Zayd’s accolades include Best Cinematography at Screen Film Festival for “The Sight You Gave,” and Filmmaker of the Year at the Orange County Film Festival 2020. He has also been recognized as OC Register’s 2020 Artist of the Year with a specialty in cinematography.

When asked about how New Horizon prepared him for his high school and college experiences, he shares that “New Horizon provided invaluable foundational knowledge and experience that I still carry with me to this day. Spending my formative years in an Islamic program allowed me to develop a strong sense of identity and a set of values that I can carry with me throughout my life and career.”

Zayd is most interested in working closely with passionate directors to help tell their stories. He hopes to become a commercial Director of Photography/Cinematography. Inshallah we will screen one of his award-winning films at our state-of-the-art theatre at the Community Center in the future!

Check out his website: